Reformation Identity in Ecumenical Perspective

Since 1966, the Institute for Ecumenical has offered annual Summer Seminars in Strasbourg to share the findings and breakthroughs of the ecumenical movement with a wider audience. Over the course of almost five decades, the Summer Seminars have explored an incredibly rich range of subjects, from Mary, liturgy, and the sacraments to ethics, church-state relations, and mission.

The year 2017 is an invitation to celebrate. At all levels of church life and in countless countries the jubilee of the 16th century Reformation will be commemorated. The 2017 Summer Seminar is Reformation Identity in Ecumenical Perspective –  July 3 to 10, 2017.

This exploration of Reformation identity will not take place in isolation from other churches but rather expressly in dialogue with them, in the exchange of self-perception and recognition of the other, in mutual friendship as well as in critique. While the foundational theological convictions of the Reformation churches will be the point of departure, questions of identity also involve matters of spirituality, culture, and customs.  To learn more visit:

Participants are strongly encouraged to register by April 15, 2017 by contacting Elke Leypold at: