Much like 500 years ago, the anniversary of the Reformation is an opportunity to share a public witness of faith about the story of Christ’s liberating work. Lutherans, along with many other brothers and sisters in Christ, still carry out that tradition of storytelling today.

The following storytelling projects highlight Lutherans wonderfully complex and varied identity.

Our Lutheran Life

The 500th anniversary of the Reformation is an opportunity for Lutherans to reflect on and share stories of faith, particularly in North America as we continue to be faithful witnesses from a diverse variety of experiences of worship, practice, identity and cultural expression.

“Our Lutheran Life” invites and encourages ELCA members to tell contemporary stories inspired by the Reformation about how the power of God’s grace plays out in the complexities of daily life, relationships, work and school. Your story is welcome, whether it addresses complex questions, heals suffering or recounts times of joy.

These stories narrate how Lutherans move in today’s society as Christians connected to the world around them, seeking to live out their faith for the next 500 years and beyond.

At the end of the year, this collection of stories will be compiled for submission to the ELCA archives for future reflection upon the 500th anniversary and recounting the lives of those who honored it with their stories.

Create and submit your story using best practice recommendations provided here. For an individual ELCA Release Form, click here.

You can find story prompt suggestions from NPR’s StoryCorp here. You can watch and/or listen to all stories at


Women have always led and participated in the reformation of the church, but we only know a handful of their stories. Join the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in sharing women’s stories through the global Lutheran storytelling project, Her-stories.

Click here to learn how to share your story. All stories submitted will be considered for this site and for a collection of stories from around the globe at the LWF 2017 Assembly in Namibia.

Read or listen to the latest ELCA Her-story here.


Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Global Young Reformers Network

The LWF Global Young Reformers Network invited youth of the church to take follow the LWF Reformation themes “Salvation-not for sale”, “Human beings- not for sale” and “Creation-not for sale” and discover their reformatory potential by taking action in their own church context.

On Reformation Day 2015, more than 60 Living Reformation Projects were launched in the LWF member churches. Since then, they have been in action in a multitude of projects and presented the results in local, regional and global Reformation 2017 activities and events such as the LWF Twelfth Assembly in Windhoek, Namibia and the World Reformation Exhibition in Wittenberg, Germany.

One project emerged from the United States under the theme “Salvation – not for sale”: ‘Reclaiming, Reviving, Rethinking, Renewing Faith for Millennials’

Get to know this project led by Young reformers Christine Shander and Nicole Newman.