A Study Guide

The study guide has been designed to help participants read Luther’s treatise and to apply its insights to their particular life circumstances and to issues relevant to their communities. The study guide includes:

  • A Synopsis of Luther’s The Freedom of a Christian
  • A Glossary
  • A Bibliography with resources for further study
  • Endnotes clarifying difficult concepts and links and references for more information on relevant information.
  • The main body of the study guide, which includes explanations and reflections of the main parts of the treatise, and questions for small group discussion.

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Case Studies

Short videos and essays by Lutherans of diverse backgrounds exploring what the freedom of a Christian means to them in their different contexts. Among the topics explored are:

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1517 Media Resources

If you are leading a study group on The Freedom of a Christian or simply want to dive deeper in Luther and related content, here is a list of resources from 1517 Media. Links will take you to resources located on and

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