Wartburg Seminary: Reformation Perspectives on Suffering

The Center for Global Theologies | Wartburg Theological Seminary

Events Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (2015-2018)

Focused on: Reformation Perspectives on Suffering

Speakers will address the significance of Luther’s theology of the cross and the 500th anniversary of the Heidelberg Disputation for addressing acute forms of suffering in the world today.

Speakers: Dr. S.D. Giere, Associate Professor of Homiletics and Biblical Interpretation, Wartburg Theological Seminary; Dr. Martin Lohrmann, Assistant Professor of Lutheran Confessions and Heritage, Wartburg Theological Seminary; and Dr. Gwen Sayler, Professor of Bible at Wartburg Theological Seminary.

More information to come!

Contact: Dr. S.D. Giere | Director pro tem, Center for Global Theologies | 563.589.0225