Following Pope Francis, Catholics and Protestants in the U.S. mark the Reformation (Massachusetts; U.S.)

For three Christian communities in Marlborough, Mass., a day of ecumenical worship and community service has been 500 years in the making.

Last week, the congregations of three churches—two Protestant and one Catholic—marked the quincentenary of the Protestant Reformation, which is traced back to when Martin Luther published a list of 95 grievances against the Catholic Church.

Following Luther’s declaration, centuries of war ensued between Catholics and Protestants, but representatives from various Christian traditions are using the anniversary to focus on commonalities rather than division. Events have already taken place at the highest levels of Christendom, such as when Pope Francis traveled to Sweden last year to participate in a prayer service commemorating the start of the year-long anniversary, as well as in less visible locales, including the commemoration in Massachusetts.

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