With New Voices

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What? With New Voices — the Small Catechism in the 21st Century is an invitation to all members of all ages to hear the catechism from new voices — voices that perhaps we did not hear in our earlier faith experiences — and to be renewed in our own voices as witnesses of Jesus Christ.

When? From August 2016 (the 2016 Churchwide Assembly) to Oct. 31, 2017, (the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation).

How? In a way that is most promising for your community of faith and most fitting for the relationships in your community. In particular, we encourage a congregation-wide engagement with the Small Catechism during the season of Lent in 2017.

Where? Resources will continue to be added to this site. We encourage you to check back often.

Why? The Small Catechism is a treasure too good for just early adolescence. With New Voices invites you into a fresh engagement with the Small Catechism as a way of turning to this world with renewed passion for proclaiming and embodying this promised hope from God.

With New Voices toolkit


Worship and Preaching
Reformation 500 Sourcebook (print)
Augsburg Fortress

Sundays and Seasons (print)
Augsburg Fortress

Preaching Prompts for Lent and Easter (print)
Bishop John Anderson, Southwestern Minnesota Synod


Connections: Faith and Life
Wartburg Seminary

Small Catechism Videos and Study Guides (digital)
Luther House of Study

Small Catechism Videos and Study Guides (print)
Augsburg Fortress

Ecological Christianity through Luther’s Small Catechism (digital)
Lutherans Restoring Creation

A Commentary on Luther’s Small Catechism – drawing on African descent experience (digital)
Coming Soon

Exploring Luther’s Small Catechism – for elementary grade students (print)
Augsburg Fortress


Individual Reading, Devotion and Prayer
Free Indeed: Devotions for Lent 2017
(Augsburg Fortress)

A Small Catechism (mobile app)
(Augsburg Fortress)

Prayers Based on Luther’s Small Catechism
Coming soon

Praying Luther’s Small Catechism (print)
Roy Beutel

The planning resources provided on this page are a recommended starting point. For a greater selection of tools to plan and execute With New Voices learning, we invite you to view the entire list of Resources.