Grant brings mini Martins to campus through grant

Luther College recently recieved miniature Martin Luther Playmobil figurines, as well as a life-sized iteration, via a grant through the German Embassy in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Professor of German Ruth Kath applied for the grant to use toward the Playmobil figurines, among many other items, to help celebrate Luther’s Liberating Grace Conference.

“I applied for a grant from the German embassy in January,” Kath said. “This is part of an outreach they do every year to college campuses. They always have a different theme; this year  was the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. As part of the grant, I was permitted to plan a purchase, and ended up buying 200 small Martin Luthers, as they were already donating 100. They also gifted us a big statue, as with many of the other campuses who participated.”

The lifesize Playmobil statue, not to be confused with the Martin Luther cutouts, can be found in the Language Learning Center in Main Building.

To read the complete news story from Luther College’s news site Luther College Chips (including the life-size image of Martin Luther), please click here.